Lots of Tots Nursery Achieve Quality Mark

We are thrilled today as we have heard that our Lots of Tots Nursery has passed the assessment with the Wales Pre-School Playgroup Association who have awarded us with their ‘Quality For All’ accreditation mark.  In order to achieve this, Lots of Tots were required to demonstrate very high standards of practice in all areas covering:

  1.  1.  Ownership, management and organisation 

1.1 Ethos of the provision

1.2 Legal responsibilities

1.3 Financial responsibilities

1.4 Responsibility for the premises

1.5 Managing policies responsively

1.6 Responsibility for Safety

1.7 Staffing

1.8 Planning for Improvement

2.  The environment and operational practice

2.1 Deployment of staff and resources

2.2 Activities, Plans and Curriculum

2.3 The Learning Environment in practice

2.4 The Internal and External Learning Environment in Practice

2.5 Food and Drink – daily practice

2.6 Sleep Management in practice

2.7 Staff in practice

2.8 Volunteers, students and visitors in the workplace

2.9 Staff interaction in practice with each other, children, parents and others

2.10 Working with others in practice

2.11 Planning for improvement in practice

The final comments provided within the assessor’s evaluation were summarised in their report as follows:

“Children experience care that is nurturing and focussed on their developmental stage at Lots of Tots. The appointment of two new nursery managers with joint responsibility has resulted in Lots of Tots Canolfan Maerdy up-dating its policies and processes. We found the nursery efficient and organised in all aspects and working to a detailed plan to achieve quality standards. Staff practice remains at a high level and we saw excellent staff/child interaction throughout our visit. Activities on offer were well-planned, interesting and inviting allowing children to follow their natural curiosity. When we spoke to staff we found they were knowledgeable in all areas demonstrating a consistent approach which is reassuring for parents and provides a secure, predictable environment for the children.”