Registration and Admissions


In order to register your child with our Nursery, a Registration Form needs to be completed which includes all information about your child such as medical history, vaccinations, special dietary requirements, next of kin etc. We always recommend that each newly registered child is given a settling-in period in order to ensure that he/she will be happy to attend the Nursery. We encourage parents to stay with their child during this settling-in period or, if they prefer, they can have a cup of coffee or tea in the café, yet be on hand if needed.

When registering your child with Lots Of Tots, the Nursery Manager will advise you whether there is room available for your child at the times and days requested. If there is no room available upon registration, your child will be placed on our waiting list and you will be notified as soon as a place becomes available.

A Registration Fee of £30.50 is payable upon completion of the Registration Form.

Admissions Procedure

1.  All parents who wish their child/children to attend the nursery are required to fill in a detailed Registration Form.

2.  If the start date for commencement of childcare with the nursery is for a future date, and the child/children has/have been placed on our Waiting List, Lots of Tots will contact the parents three weeks before the intended starting date to:

a.  Advise whether or not the child can be offered a definite place and
b.  To confirm that the parents still wish the child to join the nursery

3.  Numbers of children taken into Lots Of Tots Day Nursery will be strictly regulated so that the maximum numbers for which we are registered with the CSSIW for the varying age groups is not exceeded.

4.  Prior to the child’s attendance at the nursery, the parents/guardian must complete and sign one copy of the ChildCare Contract which they have been given, together with Parents’ Handbook. The Contract, in conjunction with the previously completed Registration Form provides Lots Of Tots with the following vital information:

  • Name, home address, and date of birth of each child
  • Starting date and number of required sessions per week
  • Arrangement for payment of fees
  • Name, address, home telephone number, mobile telephone number and email address of parents/carers/guardian as appropriate
  • Parental Consent on emergency procedures, where we are unable to contact a parent – i.e. Name, address, home telephone number, and mobile telephone number of grandparent, other relative or named person
  • Any special dietary requirements
  • Details of any allergies
  • Arrangements for collection
  • Name, address and telephone number of the child’s doctor
  • Full details of any illness and inoculations

5.  Parents/Carers/Guardians will also be asked to provide the nursery with any further information which they feel will enable us to take the best care of their child/children. This should include particular likes/dislikes in bottle feeding habits, dummy use, daytime sleeping patterns should also be written down, together with any ways which the parents find successful in getting the child to sleep if there are difficulties.

Cancellation of Contract

Should you wish to remove your child from the Nursery, one month’s notice in writing is required.

Contact Information:

Anna Rowlands – Nursery Manager

Emily Stewart and Sasha Worton – Deputy Nursery Managers

Telephone 01269 826283 / 07935401199 or Email

Terms of Payment

All bookings are taken in advance and the childcare package that you have registered for your child must be paid for even though your child may be absent during any of the booked sessions. All payments must be made in advance of your registered sessions and if for any reason you need to make a change to your booking, we do require 2 weeks notice. Regular Invoices are issued in advance covering your contracted sessions as per the Registration Form and should additional extra hours or food be taken, these will be invoiced in arrears.