Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose


Lots of Tots
Canolfan Maerdy
New Road
SA18 1UP

Contact details:

Lots of Tots: Office Telephone Landline: 01269 826283
Mobile: 07935 401199

Canolfan Maerdy: Office Telephone: 01269 826893

Responsible Individual: Len Preece:
Tel: 01269 826893

Persons in Charge: Mrs Anna Rowland, Mrs Sasha Jones
Tel: 01269 826283

Named Deputy: Ms Emily Stewart.
Tel:01269 826283


    • To provide affordable, accessible, quality childcare and education
    • To provide high quality day care for pre-school children in a safe and stimulating environment, that will allow each child to learn, play and grow to their full potential
    • To work in partnership with parents/carers and to encourage them to become involved in the day to day activities of the Nursery
    • To ensure the health and wellbeing of all the children and actively promote the concept of health and wellbeing to parents
    • To meet children’s needs as individuals and within groups

    Care Capacity

    Lots of Tots cares for a maximum of 52 children (boys and/or girls) at any given time.

    12 x 0 – 2 year olds: staffing ratio – 3 to 1 adult (minimum of 2)

    22 x 2 – 3 year olds: staffing ratio – 4 to 1 adult (minimum of 2)

    6 x 3 – 5 year olds: staffing ratio – 8 to 1 adult (minimum of 2)

    12 x 5 – 11 year olds: staffing ratio – 8 to 1 adult (minimum of 2)

    Lots of Tots is also a Flying Start setting for the local authority for 2 – 3 year olds, operates a breakfast club and both after school and holiday clubs for 5 – 11 year olds.

    Starting in the Provision:

    Lots of Tots acknowledges the importance of parents/carers and staff working together to help children settle in the provision and develop confidence to participate in all the activities offered. Some children take longer than others to settle. The treatment of each child as an individual is our main concern. Parents/carers are encouraged to use our ‘settling-in’ service to help with their child’s transition to our care; they may stay for the whole or part of the session, depending on the needs of the child (please refer to the Admissions Policy).

    There is a wrap-around service for children attending ½ day school sessions. The nursery’s two 7-seater, fully insured people carriers are used to convey children to and from their school.

    The nursery is open between the hours of 0730hrs and 1800hrs, Monday to Friday.

    The nursery is closed on weekends, bank holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year.

    The setting has separate rooms for each of the age groups as well as a sleep/rest room for the babies, all at ground floor level.

    Appropriate equipment, toys, books, games and learning materials are provided for all children.

    There is a large outdoor play area which contains among other things, a large wooden play house, raised garden beds, a mud kitchen and a sun sail.
    In a separate area and new for 2023, is a purpose designed flower and vegetable growing area, complete with raised beds and a storage shed, where the children plant, nurture, harvest and the get to eat the fresh produce. A plastic greenhouse will be added for the 2024 growing season. The area also has apple and pear fruit trees, which the children also look after.


    Staff are highly qualified and experienced within the Early Years Sector and Lots of Tots actively supports them with their continuous professional development. We welcome students on placement, volunteers and visitors who enrich the experiences of children. Each will have enhanced DBS checks and first aid certificates and will implement all the Nursery Policies and Procedures, ensuring that children’s safety and wellbeing are paramount at all times.


    We provide a two course lunch and menus are regularly rotated and re-designed. Fresh, healthy, varied and well balanced meals are prepared daily in the kitchen by our dedicated, qualified cook. All our staff hold an up-to-date level 2 Food Hygiene certificate. Fruit and vegetables are bought locally and only high quality meat and fish are used. Snacks are served at approximately 10.00 am and 2.00 pm, lunch at 12 midday, tea at 4.00 pm and drinks are available throughout the day. Every effort is made to meet any special dietary and/or cultural requirements.

    Areas of Learning:

    Lots of Tots follows the Foundation Phase, which is based on the principle that early years’ provision should offer a sound foundation for future learning through a developmentally appropriate curriculum. However, the setting will follow Welsh Government Curriculum For Wales, once all staff have been fully trained.

    The Framework for Children’s Learning for 3 to 7 year-olds in Wales sets out the seven Areas of Learning, outlining what a child should be taught and their expected outcomes.

    • Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity
    • Language, Literacy and Communication Skills
    • Mathematical Development
    • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
    • Physical Development
    • Creative Development
    • Welsh Language Development

Key Workers:

A dedicated member of staff is assigned to each child, giving them the reassurance to feel safe and cared for and building relationships with parents. When children are happy and feel secure they feel confident to explore and try new things. A key worker will:

• Help your child to become familiar with the setting and feel confident and safe within it
• Develop a genuine bond with the child and offer a settled, close relationship
• Meet the needs of the child in their care and respond to their feelings, ideas and behaviour
• Talk to parents to make sure the child is being cared for appropriately for each family and value that family
• Make regular observations, take photographs of a child’s learning, monitor progress and intervene if there is an area of development which needs supporting


The setting is fully bilingual and Welsh is the main language of communication/administration. Welsh is introduced to all the babies/children through the use of greetings, songs, stories, games and other learning activities. All of our staff are fluent Welsh/English speakers and provision can be tailored to suit individual needs.


Lots of Tots provides a wide range of equipment and educational toys. There are areas for ‘messy play’ that will include water, sand, play dough and painting. Activities are planned to suit children’s ages and individual needs. The Nursery provides adult-led and child-led experiences that are planned termly, weekly and daily, in advance, using themes based on the seven areas of learning in the Foundation Phase.

Activities are risk assessed and children are encouraged to contribute to any review or evaluation of their experiences as they are able and willing.

A sample of a typical day’s routine for the baby unit is:

08.00 – 09.10 am Free play and settling in
09.10 – 09.30 am Circle time – songs and stories
09.30 – 10.00 am Play time
10.00 – 10.30 am Snack time
10.30 – 11.30 am Table top activities including sensory play
11.30 – 12.00 pm Circle time – songs and stories
12.00 – 12.30 pm Lunch time
12.30 – 14.00 pm Table top activities including sensory play
14.00 – 14.30 pm Snack time
14.30 – 15.00 pm Table top activities including sensory play
15.00 – 15.30 pm Circle time – songs and stories
15.30 – 16.00 pm Tea time
16.00 – 18.00 pm Free play and collection of children

Circle time is tailored to suit the age range of the children. Singing nursery rhymes with actions will encourage young children to focus and interact, even though their language skills are still developing. Very young babies may not sit for a story; however “touch and feel” books and large picture books can keep the children interested.

Please note that routines remain flexible in order to accommodate children’s varying individual needs. Children’s nappies are checked regularly throughout the day by their key worker and periods of rest and feed times always reflect the needs of the child and the wishes of the parents.

A sample of a typical day’s routine for the toddlers is:

08.00 – 09.30 am Free play and settling in
09.30 – 10.00 am Snack time
10.00 – 11.00 am Topic based activities including art and craft, sensory play, language and numeracy areas
11.00 – 11.15 am Outside play
11.15 – 12.00 pm Circle time
12.00 – 13.00 pm Lunch time
13.00 – 14.00 pm Story time and free play
14.00 – 14.30 pm Snack time
14.30 – 16.00 pm Outside play
16.00 – 16.30 pm Snack time
16.30 – 18.00 pm Free play and collection

Parental Involvement:

The lasting benefit of parental involvement in a child’s development and pre-school education is now clearly supported by academic research, as well as providing a lot of pleasure for parents/carers and their children. Lots of Tots considers that parents are the prime carers and educators of their children and as such, will be encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the provision. Please see Parental Involvement Policy and Procedure/Partnership Agreement.
Policies and Procedures:

Lots of Tots has produced a comprehensive range of policies and procedures that include arrangements for dealing with routine operational practice, complaints, concerns, and any emergency that may occur during operational hours. They are designed to ensure effective and safe management of our service and to offer the best possible environment and experience for the children and families who use it.
The policies and procedures are developed and maintained in line with and/or exceed National Minimum Standards and Regulations. They are reviewed regularly (at least annually) and updated (and CSSIW informed of any changes) as necessary.

A full list of the policies and procedures adopted by the Nursery is available in the office and posted on the website. A file containing the full policies and procedures is available in the Nursery office for all to view.

Fees: (see also Admissions Policy)

Fees are from:
£52.80 per day (0730hrs – 1800hrs)
£33.00 per middle session (0900hrs – 1500hrs)
£29.70 per half day.

All meals are included. Fresh drinking water is available to the children throughout the day.
Fees are payable every four weeks, in advance, by Cheque, Cash or Standing Order/Direct Debit.

Fees are payable if a child is absent without notice or for a short period of sickness/family holiday.

Parents/carers are advised to speak to the Nursery Manager about payment of fees in cases of prolonged absence.

We also accept Child Care Vouchers allowing working parents to benefit from reduced tax and N.I. on a substantial portion of day care fees. Please speak to the Nursery Manager for further details.

The Nursery reserves the right to withdraw a place for a child if the payment of two invoices is left outstanding.

Observations, Assessment and Record Keeping:

Lots of Tots staff take a reflective approach to their work, using observation as a tool to plan activities and ensure children’s needs are met. The progress of children is assessed by observation and recorded. The Nursery has a duty to share some information with the Local Authority, CIW and in the case of the Child Development Assessment Profile, the Welsh Government. Our records are kept in line with our Confidentiality Policy and are available for discussion with parents/carers at any time.

Complaints and Concerns:

A complaint can be made by or on behalf of relevant children about the service they are receiving at the Nursery.

Should any parent/carer have cause for complaint they should in the first instance contact either the managers, Anna Rowlands or Sasha Jones at the nursery, or in their absence, the deputy manager, Emily Stewart. We will record the details on our complaints form. You can also request a complaints form.
If your complaint is with any of the managers, you can complain to Len Preece, the Registered Individual for the Nursery facility.
If the matter cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, then you have the right to raise the matter with our registering and inspecting body, CIW. You may go straight to them if you feel the matter requires this.

Care Inspectorate Wales
Government Buildings
Picton Terrace
Carmarthen SA31 3BT
Phone: 0300 7900 126

Following a complaint, Lots of Tots / Canolfan Maerdy will endeavour to resolve the matter in house, within 14 days. This can be extended for up to a further 14 days with the agreement of the complainant. Lots of Tots / Canolfan Maerdy must confirm in writing to the complainant the agreed resolution. If the complaint is unable to be resolved by Lots of Tots / Canolfan Maerdy, the complainant can contact the registering body. Lots of Tots / Canolfan Maerdy must, at the request of the registering body or any local authority which has arranged for the provision of day care for a relevant child, confirm the local resolution of a complaint.

The welfare of the child must be safeguarded and promoted and account must be taken of the ascertainable wishes and feelings of the child. Once a complaint has been made Lots of Tots / Canolfan Maerdy must inform the complainant of their right to complain to the registering body or the local authority which has arranged for the provision of day care.

Lots of Tots / Canolfan Maerdy must inform the complainant of any advocacy services which may be of assistance to the complainant. Lots of Tots / Canolfan Maerdy must inform the complainant that a local authority receiving a complaint must provide information and assistance for complainants and must in particular offer help in obtaining an advocate.

Lots of Tots / Canolfan Maerdy, with the agreement of the complainant, can make arrangements for conciliation, mediation or other assistance for the purposes of resolving the complaint.

Lots of Tots / Canolfan Maerdy must keep a written record of any complaint, the outcome of the investigation and any action taken in response.

The Registered Individual must supply to the appropriate office of the National Assembly at its request a statement containing a summary of the complaints made during the preceding twelve months and the action taken in response to each complaint.

Complaints are dealt with by way of formal consideration must be resolved as soon as practicable and in any event within 35 working days of the request for formal consideration. This time limit may be extended with the agreement of the complainant. If the complaint has not been resolved within the 35 days then Lots of Tots / Canolfan Maerdy will inform the registering body the reasons for the delay. The outcome of a formal consideration must be confirmed in writing by Lots of Tots / Canolfan Maerdy to the complainant and must summarise the nature and substance of the complaint, the conclusions and the action to be taken. A copy of this will be sent to the registering body and the local authority which has arranged for the provision of day care for a relevant child.

Lots of Tots welcomes suggestions and constructive criticism from parents/carers and children to help us maintain a high quality provision. Please speak with the Nursery Manager if you would like to make any suggestions. A suggestion box is also available at reception. However, from time to time a parent/carer or child may find it necessary to follow the Complaints Policy and Procedures, copies of which can be found in the Admissions Pack. Alternatively, the parent/guardian can contact:

• the nursery manager, the named deputy or the responsible individual, in person or by telephone.(details at the beginning of this statement of purpose)
• CIW on 0300 7900 126

Arrangements for Dealing with an Emergency:

Lots of Tots has comprehensive Emergency Procedures. Details can be found in the Admissions Pack or can be obtained from the Nursery Manager.

Terms and Conditions:

These are set out in the Contract between Parents/Carers and Lots of Tots and are implicit within our Policies and Procedures.

The Contract must be signed and the Registration Form completed by parents/carers before their child attends.

Copies of the Contract, Registration Form and the full set of Policies and Procedures are available from Lots of Tots.

CIW and parents/carers will be informed of any changes to the Statement of Purpose which is reviewed at least annually or as a result of a change in operational practice.